Fishery rules | Tarvin Sands Reindeer Centre

Fishery rules

Our rules are to ensure that the quality of the water and health of the fish is maintained to the highest of standards.

  1. No floating baits or Bread.
  2. Barbless hooks only.
  3. No boilies.
  4. No pet food, no trout pellet, no tiger nuts, no ground baits.
  5. Free running rigs only.
  6. No braids.
  7. All nets must be dry before fishing.
  8. Only feeder pellets purchased from our shop can be used in the lakes.
  9. No keep nets (unless fishing in a fishery organised match)
  10. No littering.
  11. Maximum hook size 10
  12. NO DOGS
  13. No floating poles.
  14. No leaving rods/poles in the water unattended.
  15. No throwing unwanted bait into the lakes after fishing. 
  16. Fishing license must be produced in order to purchase a ticket
  17. No under 14s alowed unless accompanied by an adult on day fishing ticket.

Night fishing rules (must be a regular day fishing customer)

  1. No Alcohol, Fires, BBQs or Tents on Pegs, however Bivvies are welcome
  2. All necessary landing nets and carp unhooking mats must be used for night fishing.
  3. No under 16s aloud unless accompanied by an adult on Night fishing ticket
  4. Tarvin sands reserve the right to remove you from the premises if you do not adhere to the rules