Our Wildlife | Tarvin Sands Reindeer Centre


As well as the Deer we also have lots of other wildlife that live in the centre you find out more below.


Kingfishers live in both woodland and wetland habitats. Those that live near water hunt small fish by diving. They also eat crayfish, frogs and insects. Kingfishers are nesting on the bank opposite, and you may be lucky enough to see one.

Greylag Geese

We have Greylag geese which are the ancestor of most domestic geese, the Greylag is the largest and bulkiest of the wild geese native to the UK and Europe.


Dippers are a short tailed plump bird with a low, whirring flight. When perched on a rock it habitually bobs up and down and frequently cocks its tail.

European Water Vole

Water voles are the largest British vole and are often mistaken for a rat. In fact, Ratty from Kenneth Grahame's 'The Wind in the Willows' was actually a water vole. Water Voles are expert swimmers and divers.